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Comments by Stephanie Jackson - 29 Oct 2007
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I just wanted to email you and let you know how much I love your website! Now granted I�m not Vegan, but have been looking at the raw diet recently and I have had the hardest time finding information about veggies and pictures. I have been attempting to explore new ways to add organic produce and vegetables to my diet, and noticed I grew extremely bored, extremely fast with just eating the same old stuff. Also there were a few different types of produce that I wanted to try, but wasn�t sure what to do with them..

However, when I came across your page, and saw all your wonderful recipes and descriptions with pictures and I drew a sigh of relief.. No one ever puts pictures in for the recipes anymore.. I think the recipes help so much because when attempting something new if it doesn�t look even remotely like the picture you know you did something obviously wrong. lol

So I just wanted to thank you for putting all your time an effort in this website because it definitely shows, and I know that my college friends and I will definitely appreciate it.


Stephanie Jackson

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