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Comments by Elaine - 18 Nov 2009

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thanks for your very quick reply! I appreciate it greatly. I tried the Tofu broiled with BBQ sauce last night. I liked it a lot, but hubby not so much I think next time I will let it “marinate” in the BBQ sauce before broiling to let the taste seep in more.

I was raised on a dairy farm, so now my diet is so much different than it was when I was younger…. We still live on the farm but we have no animals now. A local farmer rents the land and grows crops on it. We live in Oregon.

I’m so anxious to try several more of the recipes. I shopped yesterday so will be trying them this week…. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I had run out of ideas and know little about spices, so to try new ones will be great.

My youngest granddaughter is terribly allergic to milk and chocolate so I actually found your site when looking for a carob recipe The baby is almost one and so her mommy can’t eat her favorite foods anymore either… cheese, ice-cream, etc… I am really anxious to try the “un-cheese” sauce! And the pizza too… we have 7 grand kids and two of our kids live very close by so we see them daily. We are blessed indeed! I try to cook for them once a week as they work long hours and have 4 kids…. So am always looking for dairy free recipes and your site is a gold mine!

So thanks again and God Bless,