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Comments by Coleen and Tony - 28 Oct 2010


I stumbled onto your website 2 days ago and am very impressed with it. Thank you for taking the time to share with others. I made your lentil loaf last night and it was delish. Making your Oatmeal, raisin and banana cookies now.

We starting eating healthy 2 yrs. ago, due to heart disease, liver disease and diabetes. We've slowly got into vegetarian, and now want to go vegan. I am so confused about the vegan diet and raw food diet's health benefits.

We bought a Vita Mix machine and use it at least 2x's daily. A green smoothie in the morning, and at night I make ice cream with berries, agave syrup, and almond milk. I've been grinding by own grains, making hummus and breads. 95% of everything we buy is organic.

Now I'm reading that the Vita Mix oxidizes the foods and you lose all of the nutrients, and it is not juicing at all. After spending $750 for the Vita-Mix, I am reading that the best juicer is the Champion Juicer. Also, I've been reading for raw foods, not to cooks anything, buy a dehydrator.

We have made a commitment to go Vegan, but we want to get the most health benefits from the nutrients in the foods we eat. If you can give us any guidance we would greatly appreciate it.

Vegan... Raw Foods.... Vita Mix..... Juicer

Thank You,

Coleen and Tony