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Our Recipe Section
By Leonard about Crenshaw Melons - 17 Sep 2011

My wife and I were Blessed by our land-Lord Lady with 1 of these Melons. I'd imagine it was a gift as in a thank you for our continued dedication to pay the rent "on time" and "in Full" for the better of 4 years now.

Well, anyway, frankly it was our 1st time seeing or tasting this fruit. It is so-o-o- good and "sweet", what a blessing & refreshing taste God has produced. If I had to guess, I would say it was grown in the "back yard" of the Garden of Eden's door step! Since we can't get in because of the awesomely powerful Angel, who guards its Gate (Ark Angel Michael), then God must have left this one halfway outside the gates, just in our reach to get a sample of what we missed out on. . . Adam & Eve, see what You Did!? Personally, although I have forgiven them for there disobedience, I don't think I like them very much . . . Go Crenshaw Go Crenshaw Go! I'm a witness, Luvin it!