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By Elaine about Green Smoothies - 10 Mar 2013

Brother Frank,

How do you feel about all the hype over mixing greens with fruits?   Some doctors say the nutrition in the greens is destroyed by adding fruit and by changing the fiber, we consume more calories.  Have you seen Victoria Boutenko, the raw green smoothie family?  She is obese.  Dr Essylstyn and others claim that drinking your calories can lead to obesity.

We were drinking a green smoothie every day, then our new naturalpath, who has degrees in nutrition, told us we are destroying the greens with the fruit, so we have stopped doing the smoothies.  However, I noticed a change in my skin, others call "the glow" which was a very nice byproduct of the smoothies. 

Since you have done the research on the microwaves, I wondered if you had researched this issue and found any answers?  So much confusion out there among the vegan/raw food communities and all of the gurus and doctors in the game now!
God Bless,