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By Janine about Black-eyed Pea Soup - 9 Jan 2014

Sounds delicious! Looking forward to trying it. Where do you get your organic black eyed peas, haven't found any locally, recently...

By the way, have you ever made soups in the vitamix, when in a rush, instead of taking time to make them in the crock pot? Some people soak and sprout the beans (or peas) first for SEVERAL DAYS until they develop these sprouts that look like miniature whitish tails, (roots, in process, and if you sprout them too long they's shoot up pale green dicotyledons, a couple of beginnings of leaves that unfold... ideal time to process in the vitamix is when the root (sprout) is about the same size as the actual bean, or slightly smaller...

When sprouted, they release flatulence-causing gases as the inner skin to the bean splits and sloughs off. Can be cooked much easier when the friction caused by the blades rotating at super high speed heats up the beans, as they get liquified in the wet blender jar. Can also be thickened with a quarter cup of raw sesame seeds that are ground up in the dry blender jar which also makes the color of the soup a bit lighter, and also creamier in texture and you can blend everything together, if desired at the end...

I love the instructions as to the way you prepare your black eyed peas, Frank. Just to clarify you NEVER boil them, but all the time have the setting on LOW in the Crock Pot, correct? Sounds like it's "almost" a raw variation of raw black eyed pea soup, doesn't it? How did your soup turn out, very tasty?

Oh, wanted to mention, last month I actually saw with my own eyes a solar-powered dehydrator (made by hand) and was very impressed with it, indeed! Have you ever used a dehydrator, by the way?



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