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By Peter Arnold about Banana Cornbread - 15 Mar 2017


You have a wonderful recipe list on your website. I have used the recipe site as a guide to bake using a microwave oven - specifically banana bread. I particularly like that when using a microwave I don't have to run the oven for up to an hour. Furthermore your recipes are simple, healthy (low-fat) using regular ingredients.

I have a question on your banana cornbread though. How course is the cornmeal you use?

I have never made cornbread before - it's something you rarely see here in Australia.

I do however have a packet of maize meal in my pantry which has been sitting there for the past year and I would like to use it up. Your banana cornbread recipe seems ideal for this.

Below is the link to the maize meal I have in my pantry. It doesn't seem too course so hopefully it will be suitable for the banana cornbread;


I write regularly about plant foods for my local community garden in series of food tips. For most of the food tips I include simple, healthy recipes - not dissimilar to what is listed on your recipe site. Here is the link ; Further Food Tips From Our Garden Guru, Peter - Quakers Hill Uniting Community Garden

Scroll down the page to access all of the food tips. I've also attached a recent food tip which includes my banana bread recipe.

Kind Regards,

Peter Arnold,

Sydney, Australia

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