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Matthew 8:18-13Revelation 13:18 - 3 SYMBOLS OF THE BEAST

From Gary Blais

In the Codex Vaticanus A.D. 350 there are 3 symbols. Most would think these symbols are numerals in Greek, but they are not. The 3 symbols are Arabic. To see these 3 symbols go too Strongs Greek 5516. Also search for (Arabic Form for in the name of Allah). You will see the comparison.

These symbols are Arabic. The first symbol spells “In the name of.”

The second symbol is the word “Allah”. A form (variant) that differs in some respect.

The third symbol shows two swords crossing each other.

They wear this on their head bands across their foreheads.

They also wear this as a badge on their right arm. (Right hand can also refer to arm) Since they both are the same appendage.

Under Sharia Law there are certain rules and regulations that govern buying and selling. For instance, it is obligatory for every Muslim to learn the rules of business transactions to the extent of their need.

A person must fully commit to Islam to fall under these rules and regulations to buy or sell.

Let us compare now the 4 horsemen in the book of Revelation 6

The 4 horsemen have colors assigned to them. White, Red, Black, and Green. These are the colors of the Islamic Flag. These riders surround Israel. And other nations on the earth.

Is it possible that Almighty GOD will use the Islamic nation as an army to fulfill his word? And if so, then so be it. His will be done not mine.


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