Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9


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Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 26 Aug 2005

Dear Phyllis:

Thank you for your reply, too.

Anatomically, humans are fruitivores. We're really not designed to eat animals, and that is the reason that humans suffer so many health problems from doing so.

The term "wrong" is somewhat subjective, because it requires a standard. In the beginning, God gave us only plant foods to eat, but later He granted the concession to eat flesh, which the Bible indicates was due to our evil nature. So, flesh eating is not what God desires, but since He gave us permission, it takes away the sin aspect; that is, if the animals were treated compassionately. Since that is not the case, today, where more than 95% of all animals suffer greatly, we believe that God's concession no longer applies, and thus it becomes "wrong", which you also stated.

Since we don't need animal products to live, how much better it would be to allow all animal to enjoy their lives and have them as our companions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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