Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9


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Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9
Comments by Bernie Coombs - 12 Dec 2005

Re: Comments by Heidi Huse - 14 Mar 2004

Dear Heidi.

Don't despair! Our God and Lord has everything under their control.

How do you imagine our great God felt when He had to send our Lord to the cross to suffer the greatest sacrifice of all eternity? To redeem His rebellious creations.

It all started when Lucifer rebelled eons ago. Since that time countless creatures have been affected by his (Lucifer's) rebellion.

But! Not for much longer - eternity is never ending - our part of it is just about to begin, with our Lord Jesus' coming again very very soon (in our lifetime) to start the beginning of His new eternity.

It's on Frank's site at 

My book "All creatures do go to Heaven." Recently published by Biblio Books in Israel. Read it, and stop despairing.

In Jesus' name:


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