Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9


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Animals in Heaven - A look at Revelation 4:6-9
Comments by Debbie - 30 Jan 2007


My name is Debbie- I have 4 dogs and one cat. They are precious and am totally blessed for having them. GOD sent them to me so I can care for them and in returned they have taught me to be responsible and how to love unconditionally.

My 5 year old Truffles was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in August. But by GOD's grace she is in complete remission and I trust in GOD that she is completely healed.

I belive tha one day I will have to retuned them to GOD becuase they are his, nonetheless, while they are here they are here they are to be loved and cared for with dignity and respect.

I also believe that our LORD is a GOD of love. He doesn't show us love and then takes it away. So therefore, I truly believe that when we go home to Heaven, they will be there waiting for me. They are GOD's creation and the LORD loves all of us.

Thank you for lisening

GOD bless


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