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By Valerie - 16 Nov 2002

Hello, my name is Valerie, and I live in South Australia.

I have often read Revelation in the Bible, and I can see that animals DO have Souls.  I have seen so called dead animals, like living, touched same, stroked some, heard a cat purring, seen many Horses who have met with accidents and been shot, and I've seen them later happily playing in the same paddock where they lost their lives.  I think myself, no-one can say who will or will not be in the afterlife (heaven, whatever) until we actually have the experience of same.

God in his mercies made those animals in those bodies, and the love within their hearts, for their young, and the grief they share when their young are taken from them.  The courageous acts of dogs and cats, and the things horses will do towards mankind, even though often as not humans are not as loving to them, they will save our lives.  I have first hand knowledge of a horse whom I saved from slaughter, some little time later, I had sunk into quicksand, and she saved my life, by throwing her reins to me, so I could grab onto them, and she pulled me out, a Thoroughbred, who before I bought her from certain death, as she had killed a jockey, and maimed many more people who had been rough with her.  That is my eulogy towards animals, and their true Souls.

  Thank you for listening.    


Valerie.  16.11.02

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