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By Valerie - 24 Nov 2002

I would like follow up on my previous comments by telling you that  I DO NOT EAT MEAT AT ALL.  To do so would be hypocritical.

I love all animals, Fox everything, even though foxy killed my beautiful geese, and some chickens. Still, I love Foxy, he is only surviving, like we all are.  I do not agree with the mass destruction of pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, fish (but in a fishes defense it has the whole ocean usually to swim in) unless it is most unfortunate and is farmed, which is grossly cruel.

You may disagree with my opinion, on animals having a Soul, but what is a soul?  Our ability to build, or communicate world wide, or think laterally.  If a dog had our hand, instead he has a paw with no digits long enough to curl around objects as we do, who is to know how far his intelligence could go with the right tools for the job.  I am sure, as are a lot of folk, that dogs, or whatever are no doubt comfortable inasmuch they cannot be condemned as we are for causing so much sorrow and pain in the world, so much inhumanity upon our brothers & sisters of this world, and those pure entities in the animal kingdom, etc, whom we murder.

If a shark attacks a human (and lets not forget we are in his domain) we kill him, but we think we can blow up everything on this Earth, we think we have the right.  But listen here human, we DO NOT have the right.  We are only a dot on a spot.  Sharing this Earth with every other form of life. Who like us are trying to LIVE.


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