Do I Feel As God Feels?



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Do I Feel As God Feels?

Comments by Sue Linda Shaw - 1 Mar 2006

Thank you Mary and Frank, for sharing that truly beautiful and inspiring sermon..."Do I Feel As God Feels?"

Even though I find all the sermons you post, equally uplifting, this particular one really struck a chord with me, because God is truly All Benevolent and All Compassionate, and must surely take delight in beholding any and all of His Creation, enjoying the life He has bestowed, to the full...

So, whenever I am able to act as a channel for His Benevolence and Compassion, by lavishing blessings on a fellow creature or creatures, I am filled with such a wave of unmitigated joy, that I am invariably prompted, on each occasion to ask myself - "Is this feeling I have now, the same that God feels, when he basks in the good fortune of each and every one of His Own?"

I get that same glorious surge of euphoria whenever I find myself in the right place at just the right time, to be able to come to the aid of a fellow creature in distress; and I also get it, when having been the unintended cause of another's peril, I am able to turn it round it to good account, such as in the incident that occurred only yesterday -

While enjoying a hot shower, my eye suddenly caught sight of a really tiny spider, trying to stop itself from drowning in the backwash of my water.

... Instantly, I became that spider, in all its sheer terror, trying to save itself! So, after quickly turning off the taps, I was thrilled a short time later, to be able to get it to crawl onto a piece of paper, so that I could put it safely outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Just watching it crawl away, unscathed, despite its ordeal, brought me a feeling of such intense happiness for our joint victory, that I was prompted yet again to wonder if that same kind of euphoria I was feeling, would be the same that God Himself also feels?

Anyway, it's comforting to know that the question I've been asking myself almost daily, for the past decade, isn't such a strange one, after all!

Many Blessings,


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