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By Joseph

The man Simon Magus (Simon The Magician) begins in the book of Acts 8:9-24

He seduced the people of Samaria and the Samaritans said, This man is the power of GOD most high. Simon Magus became a Christian and received confirmation and the Holy Spirit. And when Simon Magus saw that, by the imposition of the hands of the Apostles, the Holy Spirit was given, Simon Magus offered money to Peter and John to acquire this.

Then Peter rebuked Simon Magus for doing this. Simon wanted to be an Apostle. Peter told Simon that punishment from the GOD of Israel will come down on him. Then Simon Magus said pray for me that none of these wicked things come upon me which you said. The problem is that Simon didn't do the repenting for himself.

To this day the purchasing and selling of anything holy is called "Simony" Justin Martyr of the 2nd Century records the claims and actions of one Simon Magus. Simon Magus claimed to be a God. Simon Magus came to Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius and performed miracles in front of the people. And Rome decreed that a statue be built of Simon Magus on the river of Tiber between the two bridges. And it reads "Simoni Deo Sancto" ( To Simon the Holy God).

Simon claimed that he appeared as God the father to the Samaritans, as God the Son to the Jews, as God the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles. According to Simon God's first thought was female and created the Angels. That feminine thought was betrayed by the Angels and imprisoned in the world. She reincarnated several times, once as Helen of Troy. But finally into Simon's girlfriend Helena of Tyre who had been a slave and a prostitute. God then descended in the form of Simon Magus to rescue this feminine first thought. (Helena the prostitute). And confer salvation to mankind.

Simon, when speaking to the Greeks, referred to himself as Zeus and Helena as Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Simon Magus was a Samaritan and a Sorcerer and a Pagan and not a Jew. Who declared himself as the Messiah. And Rome and the Samaritans believed in this Simon Magus. Let's remember that Salvation is of the Jews and not of the Samaritans. (John 4:22)

Simon Magus was a Gnostic Prophet from Babylonia. A description of Gnosticism found in the Encyclopedia Britannica, shows how remarkably it conforms to the practices of modern Roman Catholicism. Some say that Simon Magus was the first Pope of the Catholic Church. Maybe this is why christians are taught pagan holidays. Just a thought.

It is said that Simon Magus is buried in the Pagan Cemetery on Vatican hill. And the church never erected a monument over the grave.

I hope you all enjoyed this piece of literature. May all be well and blessed be YAHWEH the Most High and blessed be Yeshua Messiah

Written by Joseph (Yoseph)

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