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Comments by Cole - 23 Aug 2010

In Reference to: SURVIVING PHYSICAL DEATH the Article by By C.L. Troupe

Dear Brother, thank you so very much

I'M doing the same study. I really do thank you for having the courage and determination to explain about the soul. Do you realize you have shown the lying spirits up through these false teachers?

I live down under in Australia. I'm not educated or claim to be a teacher; I just study,.. I will use your study. I will print it out and use it alongside mine to support it. I'm just so happy you did this.

There are more bible texts to use with it too, but I bet you know them,..example REV 20:4 I saw the souls of those... John actually saw them in vision at the alter, and these souls were talking, REV 20: 12 he saw the spiritually dead souls standing as with legs and arms, and Jesus said in a text let the dead bury their own dead, they had spiritually dead souls, but notice these people were alive when he referred this to them.

Also Jesus himself believed we enter into life at death in John 11:17-37 he said to Martha do you believe this she said yes. SDA and JW's say no how evil,.. Jesus also said love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your SOUL notice the soul is separate from the heart and mind - Jesus believed this.

Hell is referred to as the world of the dead...spiritually dead living souls, the word dead means more than one dead meaning of something or one deadbeat SDA or JW ... I think one without this blessed hope you have described... like where the SDA's and JW's also Armstrong believe the soul dies in the dust with the body really have no God and are not Christians don't you think.

God Bless.