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Comments by Gary - 8 Jan 2011

In Reference to: SURVIVING PHYSICAL DEATH the Article by By C.L. Troupe

I have found the comments [that Bernie Coombs] made unique.  Many people do not want to think they will be going to hell and they believe Jesus and God would not let anyone go there. Many cult religions will put in to find and quote verses and scriptures to their point of view. This includes the Catholic Church they have made it part of their religion to pray to idols statues etc. when in the scriptures very clearly say not to.

In addition, Mary would be very upset at what is going on in her name she would be like Jesus going the temple with whip slashing through the air running out the moneychangers.

I have seen death I have dealt with it for many years as a medic. The Bible tells us John 3:3 unless you are born again you cannot see heaven… plain truth plain fact… the part about seeing a white light at the end of the tunnel again not scriptural John 3:3 comes into play… Satan aka, Lucifer known as the angel of light the false-one, the deceiver, which means he will do anything to give one a false security about heaven.

I have heard many times people say oh they are in a better place they are at peace… well John 3:3 again isn’t going to happen many times I have wanted to tell people get real read John 3:3 want to start a riot at a funeral hand out that verse.

Like a nose everyone has an opinion however Satan the deceiver will make anything sound good be very rosy as were throughout the Bible Satan has tried to mislead the Bible also he know the scripture inside out and will twist it to his advantage as this person has done as well.