The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living


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The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living
Comments by Lisamarie - 5 Dec 2008

Yes, it is VERY true that the way most people eat today, particularly the SAD (standard American diet, and the funny thing is just how appropriate the acronym for it is), is the leading cause of disease, disabilities, and death today. Thanks for pointing that out.

This is why it troubles me that some churches condone and contribute to the suffering of God's creatures when you'd think churches of ALL places would be vegan.

In fact, I even heard about a fund raiser one church was doing, where an FFA pig was offered, and was to be slaughtered for the highest bidder, which is just TOTALLY unacceptable for an organization like a church that is supposed to be teaching compassion and love--I just don't GET that.

Just how could you teach love, compassion, and kindness for one another, and then turn around and show just the opposite for other living beings, who are also part of this Earth and have feelings and emotions just a humans do?

It just doesn't make sense to me that God would equip animals with the ability to feel joy, sorrow, fear, pain, anticipation, caring, and love for their families, if He wanted them to be treated and killed in the horrible, gruesome ways that they are murdered in today's society; just where to "people of God", i.e. church ministers, figure on condoning the killing of another, whether it be for a celebration, or what have you?

So anyway, I'm just merely expressing myself here and my thoughts/feelings/beliefs on the issue, and thank you for your response.

Glad to have found your site!


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