The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living


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The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living
Comments by Robert - 1 Feb 2009

Dear Reverend Hoffman,

Thank you for your CVA work. Having met you at NAVS, I am writing asking for your help.

As a vegan since 1992 and having reversed my heart disease and having a good blood profile, I devote my charitable contributions and other efforts to outreach veganism. Certainly, vegan nutrition has the potential to improve quality of life, minimize and prevent disease, and save a great deal in health care costs.

However, I am finding the Bible as a barrier to to my fellow church members to seriously consider veganism. As I understand, God established the Garden of Eden as a paradise of fruit and vegetable nutrition. Only when Noah needed animals to eat to sustain themselves did he permit the eating of animals. Of course, there are other references to eating animals in the Bible.

My conversion problem: parishioners will not consider veganism because the Bible permits eating meat. From your religious life, what arguments can be presented to these devoted Bible believers who argue that God would not have permitted eating meat if it was harmful.


Bob, the blind vegan

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