The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living


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The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living
Comments by Stephen R. Kaufman - 1 Feb 2009

Hello, Bob.

Messages to the CVA reach me, so I'll respond to your good question, and I'm sending cc to Rev. Hoffman.

Here's how I see it. Genesis 1 and Isaiah 11 both describe a peaceful, harmonious world in which no creature harms another as ideal. We live in a "fallen world," and some animals and humans need to harm other individuals in order to survive. That is tragic. However, many of us in the West are blessed by the opportunity to cause very little harm to animals (though we can't avoid leaving at least a small footprint on the earth). Therefore, for those of us who can be vegan, there is a Christian imperative to do so, since harming God's animals unnecessarily shows disrespect for God.

Further, the Bible never endorses cruelty to animals, and in fact it denounces such cruelty on many occasions. The vast majority of animals raised in the United States are victims of the inherent cruelties of factory farming, and sponsoring such cruelty by consuming the products of factory farming clearly goes against Christian principles.

I hope this helps. Rev. Hoffman might have some additional thoughts or perspectives.

In Christ,

Stephen R. Kaufman, MD, CVA chair

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