The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church

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The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 8 Apr 2008

Dear Friends:

We have read a lot of good comments and advice about whether or not to stay in a church where you feel uncomfortable.

From our point of view, we believe that a church is to be a spiritual sanctuary where we can step away form the worldly problems of everyday living, and become filled with new spiritual energy to go forth and be the peacemaking children of God, that the Lord has called us to be. If we feel called to be loving and compassionate to the whole of creation, when the world isn't, then we also need a quiet place that stimulates and encourages that calling. If the church doesn't do this, then we are left with the same conflicting and disturbing feelings we have in the world, which is the opposite of what a church should be.

We can feel called to deliver our message of vegetarianism / veganism / animal rights in some venue, but it doesn't mean that we have to formally join that body to be effective, or just be a witness; we can belong elsewhere. This way when our message of compassionate living is rejected, we can always go "home" for comfort and assurance.

So, this remains a dilemma that we really cannot answer for someone else, because we really don't know how the other person feels inside. And as Kandy said earlier, we don't have to leave one place to check out another, and we don't have to make a formal change until we find that place of comfort.

And, perhaps this is the reason that most of the veg-ar people we minister to are unchurched, because unfortunately what we are looking for is not very common.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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