The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church

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The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church
Comments by Ray Barta - 8 Apr 2008

Elyse: Here! Here! Say it like it really is.

I think that we should get our fellowship in a place that considers us one of there fellows, (attending a church or gathering of vegetarian/vegans). But, I think that we should also attend a flesh eater's church in order to shine a bright light on their horribly dark place.

Ignorance and selfishness is at the root of the flesh eater's evil. If we separate ourselves from them, they will be denied the benefit of our wisdom and compassion.

My favorite question to ask is: "Do you think that God cares if we harm and kill other animals so that we make get pleasure from their death?" Most Christians would agree that that God cares and does not want us to kill other beings for our pleasure. Then explain how eating flesh is only done (in most countries today), for the pleasure of taste.

That usually opens the door, and gets you on the upper ground.

BUT! don't expect to make friends and fellowship with the flesh eaters, they will resent you, and you will not find peace with them until they see your light and turn away from the darkside, then you will find a brother or sister.

Love and Compassion For All Beings..................Ray

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