The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church

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The Dilemma Caused by Being Vegetarian in a Christian Church
Comments by Donna - 30 Dec 2008

Dear Frank and Mary :

I need your prays and wisdom in a matter.

First my pastor of many years, her name is also Mary, has always known that I am a animal lover, and a very caring person, She also knows I have a no meat diet, although I have also stayed away from dairy and eggs. She doesn't know the MAIN reason I am doing it, and that is because of the CRUELTY involved in the factory farming and I don't want to KILL animals just so I can eat them.

It is coming to a point in my life that I am going to have to discuss my info and beliefs in these matters.

She has always felt as if I LOVE animals too much, and that my love is misplaced.

Frank and Mary, I know you don't know me, but my FIRST LOVE is my GOD and my Savior Jesus.

I LIVE each day to learn about Him and strive to be like our Christ, and as we all can add in this demonic life we live in, it is a EFFORT to achieve such Christ-likeness, but sooooo worth it now and I know in the here after.

Pastor Mary has always been for the children and very Christ-like living, She home schooled all her children and has had a call on her life from a early age. She does feel you should be kind to animals, but probably like most Christians, it's not as deep caring as we have.

Any suggestions on Scriptures or Facts that I can share with such a knowledge person would be helpful, and your prays on this will be appreciated.

ANIMAL GOSPEL has been a extreme challenge for me to read. His vocabulary is way above my education. Any more simplified authors on these type of books?



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