The Spirituality of Animals



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The Spirituality of Animals
Comments by Kent Mullin - 12 Jan 2007

Animals are inferior to humans in many ways. Humans are inferior to animals in many other ways. It is unfortunate that you have chosen the spirituality of animals with which to make what could have been a much needed plea for more concern, better treatment, and habitat protection for the worlds animals, because they do indeed need our protection and stewardship (contrary to your stated opinion).

Our wild animals are a world treasure and they deserve to be around at least as long or maybe even longer than the human race (longer in my opinion).

Spirituality is such an amorphous thing and a difficult enough subject when dealing with religion where it is considered bona fide. But when attempting to apply it to animals and the best evidence that you can muster is a subjective projection of your own feelings (and those ill thought out), coupled with your own confusion between new age spirituality (which is a crock) and religious spirituality (which is also a crock), then I'm afraid you are riding a losing horse. Too bad.

Kent Mullin / Phyllotopsis.

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