The Spirituality of Animals



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The Spirituality of Animals
Comments by SW - 23 Jan 2007

I was searching online and came across your info on the soul of an animal.

Wasn't sure if the email was still current. But thought I would give it a try.

I have been studying away on this subject, due to a recent question put to me. I needed to refresh my memory on it and so went a little deeper in the Word. Also, have been doing some looking up and reading Hebrew classes.

If one does a search for the word in their bible program, sometimes it is missed - because it is looking for the word itself - soul. But from what I have read - there are 5 names for soul.

I can now see why - all these years people have issues with trying to figure out if soul and spirit is used interchangeably. It seems that in the Hebrew words - they come out different.

For instance, I found that life in English was ne'phesh in Hebrew - ne'phesh is one of the names for soul - but it includes both animal and mankind. It has to do with the blood. There is life in the Blood of all creatures and mankind. However, further study shows that when the Hebrew word is used "Rauch" is only for mankind which has to do with spirit, like the wind, etc. I do not have all my studies with me here, but just wanted to see what you might think about that. In Hebrew you also see the Rauch used with kadesh - meaning Holy Spirit.

I sure hope I am spelling these all right. Just trying to go by memory.


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