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Dead Ones - Exposing the Truth for True Transformation

February 2023

Imagine this from the hen's perspective – a life filled with cramped spaces, aggression, and suffering. We believe that deep down, all of us share a common desire for a more compassionate world, not just for ourselves but for all living beings. The path to a cruelty-free life for hens, as well as a more compassionate world for all animals, begins on our plates. By embracing egg-free diets and supporting alternatives that respect the well-being of hens, we can take a significant step toward honoring their plea for a life free from suffering.

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In the realm of animal welfare standards, the European Union (EU) has earned a reputation as a global leader. Yet, this reputation doesn't uniformly extend to the conditions of laying hens across EU member states. Within the EU's integrated trade zone, consumers encounter a formidable challenge – deciphering the origins of the eggs they buy, particularly when utilized as ingredients.

As consumers within the European Union grapple with the challenge of tracing the origins of the eggs they purchase, a chilling exposé has emerged.

In May and June 2023, two dedicated undercover activists, Oksana and Sasha, embarked on a harrowing journey into the heart of the continent's largest egg producer – Fermy Drobiu Woźniak, nestled in Wioska, Poland. Their six-week odyssey within the sprawling facility, which boasted 'enriched cages' as a supposed improvement over battery cages, bore witness to unimaginable suffering. Their account sheds light on the stark realities of egg production—here is what they found:

“‘Enriched cages’ were introduced as an alternative to battery cages. But for hens, this transition has been far from liberating. They continue to suffer in cramped and unnatural environments.




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