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Egg Prices Rise As Evidence Humans Will Never Meaningfully Care About Animals Rises

From Unparalleled Suffering
January 2023

Tradition, taste, convenience, cost, and fitting in are what's important to most humans. Not justice, fairness, or change.

Chickens' Eggs

Alternatives exist, but cruelty persists.

About a decade ago I watched a partially unforgettable Josh Tetrick TEDx talk called The Future of Food. Josh is the CEO of Eat Just (previously Just, Inc.) and is behind the popular plant-based egg alternative Just Egg and other beloved alternatives like Just Mayo, which is a tasty egg-free mayonnaise. At his TEDx talk he highlighted the cruelty, unsustainability, and gargantuan injustice of using billions of chickens worldwide for what they’d be forced to continually produce for their 1.5 to 2 short years of life as the supposed egg dispensing machines that most humans incorrectly see them as.

Josh talked about male chicks at hatcheries being blended alive in macerators (or in some cases suffocated in plastic bags) because they don’t produce eggs. He spoke of how hens in battery cages (where most hens used for eggs live their entire lives) live in such restrictive settings that they can’t even spread their wings or get away for a moment from the stench, filth, and screams of living alongside 150,000 others in the same hellish man-made environment. He noted that over a billion humans go hungry every day while we continue to casually grow, transport, and inefficiently feed more food to the animals we breed into existence to eat than to deprived members of our own species as they waste away.

But possibly the most tragic of all the facts that Josh Tetrick recognized could be the avian flu outbreaks. Avian flu outbreaks are a tragedy because they have the potential to raise the prices of eggs and flesh, sometimes even creating empty shelves for a ‘product’ that people so badly cherish. How sad that it can get to a point where a consumer might have to pay as much as 50 cents or more for an egg! Avian influenza outbreaks could even create one of the next great pandemics, which could inconvenience humans maybe 1/1,000,000th as much as we inconvenience chickens and other birds for our unabated cooperation with tyranny over their lives. If the next mass influenza pandemic does come let’s be sure to once again scapegoat the ‘unvaccinated’ while we continue to shield the irresponsibility of the animal exploiters and animal consumers who refuse to stop engaging in some of the most stupid and selfish behaviors possible.

As Josh was laying out hard-hitting, upsetting, and disgusting truths about the reality of animal farming he was building up to what would eventually be him promoting vegan-friendly alternatives for his brand. On stage there was a demonstration with a taste tester trying a scrambled egg substitute that could be made from mung beans and other plant-sourced ingredients, a display of the reality that we can leave limitless cruelty behind us, but not have to be limited to food options that don’t resemble or taste like our past favorites.

  • When will we say enough is enough?
  • “Trust the science” and “do your part” for “the greater good”
  • Animal farming is inhumanity at its finest


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poultry show
Chickens used and killed for their flesh at the Freestone County Fair poultry judging show in Texas. These overgrown baby chickens are just about 1.5 months old and they can’t even walk, or in some cases like the chicken on the right, lift their head up.

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