Egg use by humans – a look at whether it’s humane
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September 2021

There is an extremely big picture here, affecting uncounted billions of defenceless birds every year. Each one of these individuals is subjected to an unspeakable ordeal that deserves our recognition and action. It is unthinkable that the real, documented and undeniable experience of the majority COULD ever or SHOULD ever be erased by those who promote the use of an exceptional few.

Hen Magda
Image by Andrew Skowron is of Magda, rescued from use as an egg machine

Today the first post I saw was about hens who had been used for eggs and it tore my heart out. I should have known better and not looked at the comments, but I did and guess what? There they all were, the inevitable pro-backyard, ‘know-where-your-food-is-coming-from-and-be-compassionate-like-me’, ‘from- the-lovely-woman-down-the-road’, ‘treats-them-like-her-children’ comments; comments that refuse to acknowledge that the fundamental principle of egg use is wrong, commenters determined to claim that the way they personally use hens is exceptional, so whatever message is being conveyed doesn’t apply to them.

Why is that? Seriously? Why are there so many people who imagine themselves to be ‘animal lovers’, who point-blank refuse to accept that using hens is simply wrong and insist that what they do is perfectly fine? Years of blogs, high quality shared links, science, expert analyses, heart wrenching photojournalist pieces, images, numerous educational sanctuary narratives and the sickening statistics have no impact at all. It’s like hitting my head off a wall.

Okay I give in

So, here’s another way to look at it. I’ll give in. Let’s just say that the ‘exceptional circumstances’ advocates are right and I’ll take it from there. Someone, somewhere, has found the only decent way on the planet to use hens for eggs, and has also found the only hens who understand the transaction required of them, and have contracted to hand over their eggs in return for food and shelter. I’m always hearing about how happy and content these hens are, so clearly that would indicate consent, and it’s all about consent, right? Do the hens consider themselves employees, or victims, or family? I’m guessing again, but I’m sure the commenters would say ‘family’ so let’s just go with that.




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