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Chicken Roping: A Way Of Life Or Another Way Of Cruelty?

From Unparalleled Suffering
February 2023

The chicken roping contest is supposed to be one of their most financially successful evenings of the year, drawing in plenty of locals and people from other towns. Roping chickens has been utilized successfully for fundraising in the past at Wyoming’s Recluse Community Hall in an effort to raise funds for maintenance costs. Organizer said: “The chickens are fine with it” and that “they’ll lay better tomorrow than they did today.”

My video expose of this event can be viewed here, recorded on February 18, 2023 at Dewey's Place in Moorcroft, Wyoming as they held their 9th annual chicken roping event.

Chicken roping
A rooster being used one of many times for the chicken roping contest at Dewey’s Bar and Grill on February 18, 2023. The first place winners walked away with cash and chicken roping belt buckles.

Rodeo activities are ingrained in the culture throughout the state of Wyoming. Many of the state’s residents who identify as cowboys and cowgirls will rope any animal they can get a rope around, whether the animal has two legs or four.

Not only does the official Wyoming license plate glorify a cowboy’s domination over other animals as he sits atop a bucking horse, but Wyoming is also home to many of the biggest rodeo events in the world; the College National Finals Rodeo, the nightly Cody Nite Rodeo that takes place on a daily basis throughout the entire months of June through August, and finally Cheyenne Frontier Days, a packed 9-day rodeo that’s the largest in the world and always involves inevitable nonhuman injuries and deaths.

In all the years that I’ve been driven to expose blatant injustices against sentient beings who happened to only be born in a different body than us, I’ve been to around twenty or more rodeos. My “Using Animals: Rodeos” video highlights many of the rodeos that I’ve documented, including a rodeo practice for the college finals in Casper, Wyoming.

Anyone who watches can see the unquestionable bullying and maximized disregard inflicted onto the unwilling participants of rodeo “sports,” forced to suffer unimaginable pain, terror, and sometimes death. It’s alarming how using animals (who clearly communicate resistance) for entertainment, pride, and money is still justified and accepted in this day and age. I’m aware that there are many rodeo events I haven’t yet seen firsthand, such as the lethal Wild Cow Milking, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve found out about a rodeo event that I wasn’t already familiar with.

But earlier this month after opening an email from Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns I found out about “chicken roping.”

Chicken roping ad

UPC offered to sponsor my investigation. I was pleased to find out that this isn’t a particularly popular activity; the people who put this event on at Dewey’s Place might be the last in the state to host such a disturbing public display of trampling over the interests and dignity of feathered individuals.


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