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Small Town and Even Smaller Morals: Chicken and Pig Abuse Events Return to Ridgeland, Wisconsin, Again

From Unparalleled Suffering
February 2023

Pioneer Days has been a big attraction in Dunn County for over 4 decades despite widespread opposition. Locals and visitors still want to put animals in harm’s way for shits and giggles.

chicken toss
Three chickens being tossed over a large crowd of people who are all eligible to catch a chicken and do whatever they want with them.

Something very special happens one day every February in Ridgeland, Wisconsin, a small town of less than 300 residents. For the annual event called Pioneer Days many non-locals visit the town to drink alcohol, show off beautiful murdered animals who adorn their body, and watch terrified pigs and chickens be subjected to freezing cold temperatures and psychopathic human behavior.

The event beloved by bloodthirsty children and adults happens again February 18, 2023 (the same day they’ll be having a chicken roping event in Wyoming). The weather forecast for Ridgeland says the low on Feb. 18th will be 21 degrees Fahrenheit and the high will be 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Domestic chickens are descendants of tropical birds from South East Asia and shouldn’t ever be subjected to freezing cold temperatures.

The highlight of the day for nearly everyone is watching around 200+ panicked chickens being thrown off of a roof over a large crowd of people who view animals as playthings, pleasure resources, and fundraiser props. The “family friendly” event that causes injuries like frostbite, broken bones, and future amputations (toes, wattles, combs, etc.) for the chickens is sponsored by Drunk’n Monkey Bar and Hotel. The illegal event is sanctioned by local law “enforcement” who refuses to enforce their own “Crimes Against Animals” statue 951.02, which states that “no person may treat any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner.” Apparently throwing frostbitten and anxious birds off of a roof into merciless human hands that can literally do anything they want with the birds they catch doesn’t cause unnecessary suffering or unjustifiable injury or death, and therefore isn’t cruel.



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