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Domestic Animals in Circuses Should Also Be Banned

September 2022

I believe that domestic animals, although they may be easier to train and in some cases, they may be already tamed and socialised can still suffer and their welfare needs may still not be met in the conditions of a travelling circus. I will elaborate a bit more about this further along.

circus Horses

At the time of writing this article, at least 29 nations have banned the use of wild animals in circuses, and this type of ban is spreading so quickly, that I expect this number would be much higher in a few years (the last ban I heard about was in the Basque Country). However, as far as I know, only six nations banned the use of any animal (domestic and wild). These are Bolivia (2009), Bosnia Herzegovina (2009), Greece (2012), Cyprus (2013), Malta (2014), and Guatemala (2017).

Is there any justification for this discrepancy? Do domestic animals suffer less in circuses than wild animals do? Do politicians care more about wild animals than domestic animals? Is there a solid case to campaign for all circus animal bans to be extended to all animals?

In this article, I answer these questions.


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