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Iditarod 2024's Dead Dogs as of 3/15: Bog, Henry, George

March 2024

Racers were punished with thousands of dollars in fine for bringing dogs into tents during blinding white-out conditions because providing shelter for dogs is against the rules.

Iditarod dogs

Three dogs have died in this year’s Iditarod. Bog, a 2-year-old, Henry, a 3-year-old, and George, a 4-year-old, all collapsed on the trail.

Deaths and other neglect/abuse have long plagued the Iditarod and are built into the rules. In 2022, for example, after a fierce storm, three sledders brought their dogs inside their tents to protect them. Despite strong winds that produced blinding, white-out conditions, the racers were punished for doing so, including thousands of dollars in fines, because providing shelter for dogs is against the rules.

 Said one of the racers, “There was no doubt to me that my dogs sitting unprotected in these conditions could lead to death or deaths of dogs.”

Officials didn’t care.

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