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Lilo: Pigeon Racing Survivor

FROM Palomacy: It's Pigeon Diplomacy
April 2022

He was flying his heart out hundreds of miles trying to get back home when the hungry hawk hit him.  

The shock and pain and terror overwhelmed him. Sharp talons ripped into his leg and side and he struggled and flesh tore and miraculously, Lilo got away.

Pigeon Lilo
At the shelter, injured & needing avian vet care

Badly injured, he fell to the ground, still doomed except for another miracle: a nice person scooped him up and took him to the local open door shelter. The shelter took him in but, without avian vet care, he was still doomed.

PRO TIP: Please study Lilo’s photo above. Could you tell from seeing him that he is seriously wounded? We have a saying at Palomacy: Feathers hide a lot! Please, if you rescue a bird, always connect with an expert for assistance.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE to see Lilo's treatments and wonderful recovery.

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