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Lions Kandaka and Mansour are Safe at Al Ma'wa, Jordan, Sanctuary

November 2022

Finally, Kandaka and Mansour have been rescued from horrific conditions at a zoo in Sudan and arrived at Al Ma’wa sanctuary in Jordan.

Sudan zoo Lions

Lions Kandaka and Mansour were starving in a zoo in Sudan? They were only skin and bones when we first met them.

They urgently needed a safe home. But this mission came with many challenges.

The FOUR PAWS team were on the ground in Sudan, ready to transfer Kandaka and Mansour this summer.

Unfortunately, due to the unstable political and security situation in Sudan resulting in bureaucratic obstacles, we were forced to pause the mission.

We were heartbroken, but our hands were tied. We knew we couldn’t give up on Kandaka and Mansour.

Last month, Dr. Amir Khalil and his team arrived in Sudan. We were finally able to transfer the two lions and bring them into their new species-appropriate home, the Al Ma’wa sanctuary in Jordan.

This incredible and logistically challenging operation required 10 hours of travelling for the lions, but it all worked out perfectly.

They have been released into their enclosure and will now get the medical care they need to enjoy their new life in peace.

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