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New Hampshire Outlaws Remote Gambling on Greyhound Racing

May 2024

This is the fifth major greyhound protection law we have helped pass since 2022. 

Greyhound Zephyr

We bring you news of another major victory in the fight against greyhound racing!

This morning, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed our bill to outlaw remote gambling on greyhound racing. Every year, millions of dollars are bet on cruel dog races by Granite State residents, a harmful practice that will soon end.

Drafted by our President Christine Dorchak, SB 363, An Act relative to simulcast wagering on dog racing, received widespread support in both chambers. It was championed by Daniel Innis and Lou DíAllesandro in the Senate and by House Speaker Sherman Packard himself.

This is the fifth major greyhound protection law we have helped pass since 2022. It is also the latest state to outlaw remote betting on dog races, joining Colorado, Kansas and Massachusetts. Roughly two-thirds of all American states now prohibit greyhound simulcast betting.

The walls are closing in on the final remnants of dog racing in the United States. But until we end this cruelty for good, gentle greyhounds will continue to suffer and die. Thatís why we are fighting so hard to pass the Greyhound Protection Act, a federal bill to outlaw greyhound racing nationwide.

Finally, we would like thank our wonderful lobbyist Karen Soucy of Sheehan Phinney for championing SB 363 through the process! We would also like to express our gratitude to everyone who wrote to lawmakers, attended hearings and asked for the Governorís signature during this critical time.

Posted on May 16, 2024
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