Not again! Another Carriage Horse Accident
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September 2021

On his first day of pulling a carriage...

injured carriage Horse

On Thursday afternoon, September 23rd, a horse pulling a carriage on 8th avenue, spooked and bolted, crashing into a car.

It happened on the first day that the horse was pulling a carriage.

The NYPD told Friends of Animals that the horse spooked and jumped onto the car and went through the rear windshield; suffering from lacerations to the legs and chest. The horse is from Clinton Park Stables. We do not know the condition of the horse.

broken carriage

From NY Post:

The horse fell to the ground and struggled to get up after the gory accident near the intersection of West 55th Street and Eighth Avenue at about 5:15 p.m., according to cops and witnesses.

The NYPD said the animal suffered a gash to its leg and was treated by a veterinarian.

Photos of the aftermath of the crash show large splotches of blood on the sidewalk. The carriage was heavily damaged and its shafts were also coated in blood.

Edita Birnkrant, the Executive Director of animal rights group NYCLASS, said she was told by police that Thursday was the horse’s first day pulling a carriage on city streets.

No other injuries were reported, according to police.

Thursday’s crash prompted a new call from NYCLASS to ban carriage horses in the Big Apple.

“NYCLASS is sounding the alarm for NYC Council to immediately fast-track legislation to get carriage horses off city streets permanently, as almost every other big city around the world has done,” Birnkrant said in a statement.

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