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Exposed: The Dark Reality of Bull Riding

June 2024

Professional Bull Rider PBR typically starts training bulls when they are just two years old, by strapping a 10-pound dummy to their back. They start competing in smaller events at age three with real riders, and by age four they are forced to travel across the country and beyond for competitions. Bulls compete on average for two to four years, though some for as many as 10. After they’re deemed no longer useful in competitions, they are used for breeding until they eventually die at around 15 years of age

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tortured Bull

Troubling new footage obtained by Animal Justice at a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) rodeo event in London, Ontario, reveals the grim reality of what bulls endure when forced to perform. PBR is the largest bull-riding league in the world, exploiting terrified animals for profit and entertainment internationally. The footage shot at the June 2024 show in London shows bulls abused for rodeo entertainment in front of large, boisterous crowds, including:

  • Bulls smacked in the back of the head by riders
  • The use of flank straps, tied around bulls’ sensitive underbelly, used to cause discomfort and induce bulls to buck
  • Spurs on riders’ boots, digging into the bulls’ skin
  • Riders rubbing ropes against the flanks of bulls to agitate them
  • Loud pyrotechnics that startled even the crowd

The event begins with loud pyrotechnics that startled the human attendees, much less bulls being held backstage. In the chutes, we saw the riders and their teams agitate the bulls, sometimes smacking them in the back of the head or rubbing rope against their flanks; all while an entertainer riles up the crowd and loud music reverberates through the venue.

When the chute opens, the bulls run out and buck out of a desperate desire not to perform, but to rid themselves of the fear and discomfort caused by the rider. Bucking is an evolutionary response to a predator attack—the bulls are not participating in a sport, they feel like they are fighting for their lives.


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Posted on June 14, 2024
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