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SHARK's July 2023 Newsletter

From SHark Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
July 2023

In states that are noted for corruption in general, such as Kentucky, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, some of the police have done everything in their power to protect cruel, illegal cockfighters, but our persistence is proving that there is a limit to the ability of corrupt police to protect these criminals. 

crush cockfighting

This update was supposed to be a report of the first quarter of 2023, but weíve been so busy that the months have gone by in what seems like just a few weeks.

They say time flies. Given our nonstop pursuit of animal abuse across the country, the adage has proven to be true. Our work is both physically and mentally exhausting for our entire team, but cockfighters nationwide are under siege in a way they never dreamed possible in their worst nightmares.

I canít adequately express the gratitude of the SHARK Team for your support of our efforts. There are precious few people in the animal protection movement who understand the importance of fighting animal abuse where it occurs - out in the real world. Animal cruelty occurs largely in places where one doesnít want to go, in conditions that are often not just uncomfortable, but are downright dangerous. Thatís why so very few organizations leave their friendly confines. Itís also why they get so very little done.

Animal abuse is like cancer. You have to go after it, where it happens, and cut it out. You allow us to do that. Our victories for animals are yours also.





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