It's Time for YouTube to Stop Promoting Animal Abuse
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FROM Nina Jackel, Earth/Food/Life a project of the Independent Media Institute
May 2021

Some 2,000 videos have been found on YouTube in which animals were harmed for entertainment or suffered pain and death. 

snake puppies
A snake attacking a dog in a staged animal "rescue." Credit: Lady Freethinker/YouTube Screenshot

The scene is shocking: a tiny puppy wriggling desperately against the coiled grip of a python’s deadly squeeze, as fellow puppies look on in terror. In a cinematic ending, a man arrives just in time to “save” the squealing puppy from the snake’s crushing grasp. This might sound like a happy ending to a terrifying ordeal, but in reality, the whole life-threatening situation was staged for a monetized YouTube video—one with more than 1.6 million views and 7,200 likes.

We know that YouTube can take more meaningful steps to better monitor and remove videos promoting animal abuse. The question is, will they?....



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