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Bonded Pair Tarzan and Tanya Were Rescued from Circus Horrors

From ADI Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary
August 2022

Tarzan and Tanya were rescued together from a circus in Guatemala.

Lions Tarzan Tanya

Tarzan says “No” to food and meds until he sees his Tanya! Recently, Tarzan was unwell. Taking no chances, we took him to hospital. But he was miserable there and refused to eat or take his medication.

The solution – bring his Tanya in early for her dental check! The couple were put together in the same hospital room. They were overjoyed to see each other, and Tarzan immediately took his meds, ate his dinner, and went straight to sleep, guarded by his Tanya!

They are now back at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary where nights find them snuggled up together in their dens or house, all cozy with added winter insulation.

Lions Tarzan Tanya

The pair were rescued together from a circus in Guatemala where tiny Tanya (Tarzan is huge) fought to defend his when a tiger tore apart his face. That left him with his lower lip hanging from his chin for many years. Recently, Tarzan was given a partial lip-lift to repair the damage which you can see is healing really well.

These special animals have special needs, can you give a donation to help care for this loving and loyal couple.

Lions Tarzan Tanya

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