5 Things You Need to Know about Tiger Cub "Petting"
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FROM Lex Talamo, LadyFreethinker.org
December 2021

The reality is a cycle of cruelty from birth to death.

petting tiger cub

Tiger cubs are some of the cutest newborn exotic animals you could ever hope to find.

Their allure is why some people are willing to spend up to $500 to pet one or have an up-close-and-personal “special” encounter with one – often without any knowledge of the inherent cruelty taking place behind the scenes at the roadside attractions that profit from the encounters, said Alicia Prygoski, the senior legislative affairs manager for the nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

“People go to cub petting facilities or roadside zoos and they pay to pet, to take pictures with, to play with and bottle feed big cat cubs, and they pay a lot of money for this,” Prygoski said during an hour-long ADLF webinar. “Then they get their pictures, they leave the facilities, most of the time completely unaware of what’s going on behind the scenes or what happens to the cubs after they have left the facility and posted their pictures to Instagram.”

The reality is often “a cycle of cruelty from birth to death.


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