Trophy Hunters: A Rare Inside View of What Makes Them Tick
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FROM Marc Bekoff, Psychology  Today / Animal Emotions
July 2021

Undercover Trophy Hunter
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Eduardo Gonçalves is an award-winning conservationist, campaigner, and investigative journalist. He also is recognized as the world's leading authority on the so-called "sport" of trophy hunting, and in 2018 he founded the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting (CBTH). In 2019, the UK government agreed to introduce a ban on trophy imports which is due to be debated in Parliament later this year. Because of his tireless efforts and three other books, he has been described by the Daily Mail as "Britain's most prominent anti-hunting activist".

Given his non-stop schedule and his global stature, I'm pleased that Eduardo could take the time to answer a few questions about his fourth and unique book called Undercover Trophy Hunter: Britain's Top 20 Hunters. I was troubled by the words hunters use to describe why they enjoy intruding into the lives of other animals and killing for fun and how they view the animals they kill for the thrill of it.

Previous research has shown that trophy hunters' "pleasure smiles" are greater when they pose with large "dangerous" corpses. Trophy also hunting is pretty pricey and hunters will pay more to kill large-bodied carnivores. For many of them part of why they hunt is to show off and let others know they can absorb the cost. The bottom line is that some people get pleasure out of killing another animal when they really don't have to do it. Clearly, being beautiful does nothing to save the lives of these charismatic animals who are brutally slaughtered for fun, bragging rights, and to celebrate birthdays.

Here's what Eduardo had to say about his riveting look into the why's and how's of trophy hunting by 20 men and how they describe their exploits.




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