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Wild Hog Bagging Sadists In Texas, Part 1

From Unparalleled Suffering
March 12, 2023

The participants grab the pigs, tackle the pigs, jump on the pigs, and wrestle the pigs. They pick them up by one or two legs (front or back), by their ears (one or two), around their stomach, by their skin, or around their neck. Thea, the wild hog sacking flagger, participates in the event too. I documented her partner Neal picking up a pig by just their ear. Can you imagine all of your body weight being held up by only your ear? I swear humans are absolute masters of cruelty and terrorism.


wild hog cruelties

Every year Neal’s Lodges in Concan, Texas hosts a music festival, Frio River Fest, that contains a lot more to do besides the music. Exploiting live animals for human amusement is always part of the schedule for those who enjoy the sights, sounds, and direct involvement of torturing animals. Prior to the festival, free-living pigs are trapped, captured, and brought to the Joe Jimmy’s location of Neal’s Lodges for the highly disturbing wild hog sacking event. The event is scheduled to take place again this year on March 18th, 2023 at 1 PM. Of course these pigs are going to be murdered, but Neal’s Lodges and Joe Jimmy’s want people to have the opportunity to “play” with the pigs and be entertained by their blatant suffering first.

wild hog bagging
A helpless pig is manhandled by an extremely aggressive man as he or she screams in protest, pain, and terror.

Teams of two willing humans (children and adults) enter the tiny arena and then two unwilling very young pigs are forced into the arena. The pigs resist going in; they get dragged out, thrown out, or sometimes they are even lifted up by their ears and thrown onto the ground. When the teams get the signal from the flagger they take immediate action to capture the pigs by any means they can (no abusive and painful behavior is off limits). Each round of assaulting the pigs is accompanied by what’s usually pretty upbeat music, such as the two guys who got to torment pigs to “Born In The U.S.A” by Bruce Springsteen. The screams and squeals of the pigs are loud, but not loud enough to drown out the excitement of the crowd.




terrified wild hogs
Pigs huddled together in fear at the Frio Fiver Fest wild hog sacking. They want nothing to do with these humans or their “games.”

A friend and I coexisting with feral pigs at a sanctuary. We were met with curiosity and friendship by those who approached us and we gave the same back. 

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