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Introduction to The "Church" of Biocentrism

From The "Church" of Biocentrism
February 2024

The Church of Biocentrism and Interdependence is a global entity teaching universal respect for the planet and all life within planetary eco-systems.

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Biocentrism regards the human species as part of the biosphere of life inter-connected with all other living species.

The creed is Biocentrism – that humanity is a part of a system that includes all plant and animal life and that all species within this system are interdependent and essential for mutual survival.

Biocentrism holds the position that humanity is not dominant or superior over other species.

The Three Basic Laws of Ecology

Law of Diversity - The strength of an eco-system is dependent upon the diversity of species within it.

Law of Interdepencence - All species within an eco-system are dependent on each other.

Law of Finite Resources - There is a limit to resources and carrying capacity.

How does it work?

The Church... promotes respect for nature and for the laws of ecology.

Supports the rights of animals, plants and eco-systems. Promotes and encourages veganism and adherence to ecologically positive life-styles. Is guided by the science of ecology.

The church adheres to a strategy of aggressive non-violence. This means direct action within the boundaries of law and practicality. The church holds a strict rule of not causing harm to animals (including human) and eco-systems.

The idea of biocentrism has been part of global indigenous thought and practices for thousands of years. In some way biocentrism can be considered the earliest form of religious philosophy. The church is also influenced by ecological philosophers and writers including Farley Mowat, John Muir, Rachel Carson, Paul Watson and many others.

Membership in the Church of Biocentrism and Interdependence is completely independent of any anthropocentrically-oriented religious beliefs.

Established places of contemplation are all places under the sun, the moon and the stars.

Teachings to be carried out primarily through media access including social networks with regular broadcasts and conferences and the Church actively supports similar organizations with grants and donations that adhere to the principles the Church teaches. 

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