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Pastor Frank Discusses God's Unmentionable Animals

Although all animals are not mentioned by name in the bible, they are all mentioned in general. They arenít all mentioned by name because we are to be vegans as Christians Ė living in loving-kindness and bringing heaven, that is vegan (no death and suffering), to earth as a return to how we were instructed to live in Eden. Only in this in-between time of Eden and heaven is the world fallen and struggling, and a temporary concession given when Noah first came out of the ark, many consider a curse, of the animals fearing us, but that doesnít give us the right to do anything to hurt them now. We are to be lifting the world up in peace as it groans for the peace and freedom of our veganism. Veganism is the way to heal the planet, restore the creatureís lives and our own ďon earth as it is in heavenĒ. Watch and learn more Ö

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