Vallejo: City of Opportunity Lacks Access to Healthy Food
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From Food Empowerment Project
June 2016

As a vegan food justice organization, we understand that asking people to go vegan is only appropriate when they have equal access to healthy foods.

After several years of research examining access to healthy foods in Vallejo, California, we are thrilled to announce the release of our report documenting our findings: Vallejo: City of Opportunity Lacks Access to Healthy Food.

These findings highlight that throughout the City of Vallejo, which has a higher-than-average population of people of color, there are issues of lack of access to safe and healthy foods. This problem is most severe in low-income neighborhoods.

Some highlights of our findings include:

  • Eighty-eight percent of all liquor stores and 71% of all convenience stores in Vallejo are in low-income neighborhoods.
  • There is a liquor store for every 2,769 residents in a low-income area, compared to 51,041 residents in a high-income neighborhood.
  • In low-income neighborhoods, 75.5% of all stores are liquor stores, corner stores, or convenience stores.
  • High-income areas (22.7% of the stores) had fewer than 10 types of produce available in any version, compared to 50% of those in low-income areas.
  • Only 16 stores in Vallejo have any “meat” alternatives or dairy substitutes.
  • "Meat" alternatives are available in 32% of the stores in high-income areas, versus only 15% in low-income areas.

Complete study available here (PDF).

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