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Dairy is deadly for kids

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Not only do children not need cow’s milk to grow up strong, for many of them, it can be lethal!

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In October of this year, our Killer Milk campaign entered its next phase when we posted multiple billboards at high-traffic locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta–providing millions of Atlantans and Angelenos with the horrifying truth Big Dairy is trying to cover up: Not only do children not need cow’s milk to grow up strong, for many of them, it can be lethal!

Thanks to a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2021, we’ve learned that cow’s milk is the leading cause of fatal anaphylaxis in school children, and now we can do something to help prevent it.

Of course, BIG DAIRY tried to hide this study, and no one released this study’s critical, life-saving findings until we put up these billboards and alerted the press.

With your support, our billboards have ensured that millions of people can take measures to protect their children. So far, we’ve had over 10 million impressions and counting!

Due to the extensive reach of these billboards, and the urgency with which we must spread the truth, we plan to erect even more billboards in prime locations in the new year.

But we can't do it without you. We’re up against BIG DAIRY's multi-million dollar marketing budget and we need your URGENT support to continue our vital work.

Your tax-deductible donation can help us continue informing the public about the dangers of dairy by exposing even more people to the truth in 2024.

Fund our billboard campaigns
One day in the near future, when Big Dairy has thrown up the white flag and widespread dairy consumption is a thing of the past, you can tell a loved one that you fought to make it so. Help us make it so.

Visit to learn more about fatal dairy allergies and how you can protect your children.

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