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From Tuesday's Horse
May 2019

I hate that people who eat meat are doing harm to themselves and their families.

This is about antibiotics in animal agriculture.

Did you know that 80% of antibiotics sold in the US are used for food animals.

When I started out years and years ago it was 30%. Then hovered around 50%. I hadnít checked it in a long time and now itís a whopping 80%. I thought it may have gone higher, but not 80%. How toxic. Ugh.

Get a load of this from American Journal of Public Health:

Antibiotics are administered to animals in feed to marginally improve growth rates and to prevent infections, a practice projected to increase dramatically worldwide over the next 15 years.

There is growing evidence that antibiotic resistance in humans is promoted by the widespread use of nontherapeutic antibiotics in animals. Resistant bacteria are transmitted to humans through direct contact with animals, by exposure to animal manure, through consumption of undercooked meat, and through contact with uncooked meat or surfaces meat has touched.

Wow, increase dramatically. Itís already dramatic enough for me at 80%. What about you? I hate the idea of people eating meat for the animals of course, but I also hate that people who eat meat are doing this to themselves and their families.

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