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From Carol Schneider, MainStreetVegan.net
January 2018

My high-nutrient eating gave me a bonus of a ten-pound weight loss, even without doing cardio. Bodies find their natural rhythms and drop ballast with pure plant food...Eat plants aplenty as your lifetime rocket fuel.

vegan hip recovery
New Hips, Grace & Frankie, Healed Swiftly With Vegan Eating

I get to be 70 in two months. But my hip cartilage only lasted to about 60, when it started its decline. X-rays a year ago showed bone-on-bone with little range left in my motion.

I refused to hit the big 7-0 coddling painful hips with pill popping, so I had total joint replacements last May and July. I simple-size anything I can (www.simplesizeme.net). With health and mobility involved, I bet on the best: a good surgeon, food as medicine, and physical therapy fit for an Olympian.

Nine years as a vegan guided my strategy, because vegan eating is the epitome of simplicity. I decided to eat at the very highest end of the plant pyramid — better than I ever had before — to build my immune system and speed healing time.

Here’s how vegan advocates can encourage any surgery patient to sail through a swift recovery.

Prepping, Pre-Op, and Surgery Day

Study the latest in food to use it as medicine for tip-top pre-op condition. Sites to consult include NutritionFacts.org, Dr.Fuhrman.com, and BrendaDavisRD.com. There you’ll learn that lant food benefits are being discovered at a rapid pace, while animal food simply can’t hold a candle as a source of comprehensive, health-building nutrition.

In addition, plant fiber zooms through our bodies. Animal food sits there for days. I didn’t join the group groan when the pre-op class leader guaranteed post-op constipation. No thanks! Squatting and sitting aren’t post-op friends.

Lighter eating sleeps better, too. Plant food digests faster and leaves you ready for restorative sleep to speed healing.

When you’re ready to go to the hospital, pack an overnight bag with nuts, dried fruit, and grainy toasts to avoid hospital food. And during the early recovery phase, steer clear of caffeine and alcohol.


Food as rocket science: Organic fresh high nutrient-dense plant foods loaded with powerful antioxidants, fiber, flavenoids, folate, glucosinolates, organosulfides, aromatase inhibitors, resveratrol, anti-angiogenic properties, along with good carbohydrates, protein, and fat, along with magnesium, phytosterols, selenium, other vitamins and minerals and beyond.

Food to slow recovery: Animal foods contain toxins ranging from hormones and pumped-in antibiotics to casomorphins. They enhance nothing and only fill stomachs. Many processed food lists additives galore. Pesticides, hormone disrupters, and ethanol won’t heal incisions (save your champagne to celebrate later).

You’re not home cooking when you’re an early post-op patient. Just eat simply and enjoy true flavor instead of highly salted, take-out, commercial flavor. Pop a handful of blueberries. Sprinkle some chickpeas with smoked paprika. Grab a bag of arugula and munch while you watch a movie. Throw some things from the crisper into the blender and add some water. Animal eating takes time, money, and energy. You’re healing. Rest.

Less hip for new joints

My high-nutrient eating gave me a bonus of a ten-pound weight loss, even without doing cardio. It’s thrilling! Less for my new hips to carry around. Bodies find their natural rhythms and drop ballast with pure plant food.

Indulgences and graduation

I did indulge during this time. Treats from my daughter, husband, sisters, and friends flowed in with their love, cooking, and laughter. ‘Graduation’ for me was traveling through Atlanta’s airport last month when the big fire and power outage hit. I joined thousands walking dark corridors and stalled escalators schlepping bags to the exit. I was the one with a big grin on my face, so happy that my new hips — named ‘Grace and Frankie’ after a recovery TV binge — could manage the calamity, pain-free with full mobility.

I hope you’re not going to surgery. But you’re going somewhere with a full life ahead. Eat plants aplenty as your lifetime rocket fuel.

Carol Schneider is a lifetime educator and entrepreneur. She was in the founding Main Street Vegan Academy class and is a contributor to The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook. In full motion with new hips again, Carol will continue coaching people with simplifying solutions for achieving leaner, lighter lives in health, at home, and at work through her company SimpleSizeMe, LLC (www.simplesizeme.net). Carol worked many years at GE and its leadership center. Following this, she launched the management and communication training company, Valid Voices, LLC, and consulted and taught with companies including P&G, Chase, March of Dimes, Coach, and Goldman Sachs, as well as in the arts, schools, and community organizations. She holds degrees from Indiana University and is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation

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