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By Frank L. Hoffman

Are you one of the millions of families who have a beloved companion dog or cat, or perhaps more than one, or other animals, as members of your household?

Many of us also consider them to be like our children, and in our loving relationship with them, we would do everything we could to make them happy and contented.

We even may plan a special holiday meal for them so we could share our festivities with them, and our love for them makes us feel good, too, and we tell them that we love them.

Many people roast a whole turkey and put the bird on the table as a centerpiece of the meal, and we hear them say, “I love turkey!”

So I wonder, do these people who love turkey also love their dog or cat? If so, why don’t they roast their dog or cat and serve him or her as the center piece of the meal? Wouldn’t they love the meal even more?

And, I can hear you saying, “Yuck! He’s sick!”

Yes, such a thought is sickening, but it also shows us a great disconnect in the way we parcel out our love and compassion.

True love and compassion must be without limits, and any exclusion begins to cause problems.

The more we limit our love and compassion, the more we harden our hearts, the more we separate ourselves from the way God wants us to live, and over time it begins to affect our health.

When a person’s heart is hardened, the brain releases chemicals that are harmful to their health, and because they lack empathy for some animals, and eat their flesh and by-products, they contribute to their health problems.

When we allow our love and compassion to be unlimited, we no longer eat animal foods that lead to most of our chronic diseases, and we become emotionally at peace, and our brains produce healing chemicals.

Live compassionately and you’ll be healthy in both mind and body.

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